Burlington Engineering, Inc., strips and treats the surface of metal products using a variety of techniques. Paint stripping prepares metal surfaces prior to re-coating and salt bath nitriding treats the surface of steel parts to enhance corrosion protection, wear resistance, surface hardness and provides a beautiful black finish.

Melonite™ Processing

Uses molten salt to defuse nitrogen into steel in order to provide resistance to corrosion, wear and harden (55 Rockwell "C") the surface. This provides a beautiful jet black appearance to steel parts

Metal Paint Stripping

Removes paint, oil and other organic coatings from steel, aluminum and other alloys. The process is used for paint fixture maintenance, refurbishment of old parts and cleaning parts painted in error or coated incorrectly.

Metal Sandblasting

Metal Blasting prepares the surface of metal parts for re-coating, creating a "profile pattern" which enhances the ability of paint to adhere. We have the ability to change blasting media and air pressures easily. Blasting is also used as a primary paint stripping method for some blasting applicaions.

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