Melonite Corrosion Resistance Services

BURLINGTON ENGINEERING, INC. has been servicing metal products and parts manufacturers with quality corrosion resistance performance since 1979.

We are a leader in the application of quality Melonite©* Molten Salt Bath Processing, an environmentally friendly high performance alternative to plating for corrosion resistance industrial rust removal.

Melonite is the most widely-specified process in the world for improving the wear and corrosion properties of metal and metal components. No process can match it for precise, repeatable results; no competitive technology offers two unique combinations of performance, versatility and cost-efficiency.

Our talented team of professionals are qualified to evaluate and implement corrosion resistant solutions to your individual needs whether it be Melonite Process, QPQ, Metal Paint Stripping or Abrasive Blasting. The following pages cover all our services.

I pledge a commitment to excellence based upon a philosophy of integrity, knowledge, leadership, teamwork, and personalized service for you.

Dave & Karen Corbell, Executive Officers

*Melonite was developed by Degussa Durterrit.

Trade Associations:

"Metal Finishing Association of Southern California" (HTA Association)

"International Association of Sandblasters"

Burlington Engineering Inc. is also ASM2753B - Melonite® Certified

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