Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting, Using Various Blasting Media

blasting Metal parts requiring abrasive blasting are directed to sand blasters for the removal of paint coatings. Spent abrasive blasting media is then directed to a collection device and reused in the metal blasting operations. The metal parts are removed for further processing. Three burn-off furnaces are also operated at the site for removal of paint coatings from metal. The furnaces are heated to approximately 800°F to thermally strip paint coatings from the surfaces of metal parts.

Furnace Blasting Operations

One of the first to use burnoff furnaces in Southern California in 1982, Burlington uses computer controlled furnaces to break down the paint on steel parts. This removes the heavy dependency on chemicals, along with the environmental concerns. The three furnaces operate at 800 degrees (f) and thermally destroy the bonding agents of paint. The residues from the paint are removed either with a mild acid and rinse or by blasting. Rust inhibitors are then applied to our customers' parts to protect them.

Our "Wet" Room Paint Stripping Operations

Burlington was one of the first to use fill containment in its chemical paint stripping operations. Before moving into this facility, we built a room for the purpose of successfully removing paint from metal without contaminating the rest of the building, the water, the soil or air. All spent liquids are pumped, filtered and treated for recovery and waste disposal. Burlington is proud to be in the forefront of discovering new chemicals for paint stripping which are not carcinogenic and dangerous for its employees. We use huge dip tanks and hoist to handle parts, along with several high pressure water rinse guns, some of which are heated. We are able to handle most alloys and deliver clean, ready to coat parts back to our customers.

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