Metal Paint Stripping

Molten Salt Paint Stripping

Using innovative paint stripping ideas to discover better and quicker ways to remove paint, Burlington was the first to purchase a large molten salt paint stripping system on the west coast.

As a job shop, we face all kinds of paint stripping challenges and finding a method which destroys all organics quickly is a real benefit to our customers. Parts are racked and dipped into a solution which is operated at 550 degrees (f). This alkaline salt mixture removes all organics and leaves the parts ready to refinish.

The major benefit to our customers is that the product does not attack the substrate metal and change the dimensions. While still in the enclosed unit, the parts are cooled and rinsed and finished with paint stripping in as little time as fifteen minutes. Burlington reuses most of its rinse water through a sophisticated waste water treatment system prior to discharging to the sanitation district.

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