Paint Stripping of Metal and Plastic

BURLINGTON ENGINEERING is one of the largest strippers of paint and organic materials in California for paint stripping of:

Chemical Paint stripping We employ furnaces, chemicals, blasting and molten salt processes to meet your specifications of paint stripping. Our capacity is vast and we handle orders with various sizes and quantities. Turn around times vary depending on the paint stripping requirement, generally less than five days.

Our “Wet” Room Operations

Burlington was one of the first to use fill containment in its chemical paint stripping operations. Before moving into this facility, we built a room for the purpose of successfully removing paint from metal without contaminating the rest of the building, the water, the soil or air. All spent liquids are pumped, filtered and treated for recovery and waste disposal. Burlington is proud to be in the forefront of discovering new chemicals for paint stripping which are not carcinogenic and dangerous for its employees. We use huge dip tanks and hoist to handle parts, along with several high pressure water rinse guns, some of which are heated. We are able to handle most alloys and deliver clean, ready to coat parts back to our customers.

Metal Paint Stripping

paint stripping

Metal Paint Stripping removes paint, oil and other organic coatings from steel, aluminum and other alloys. The process is used for paint fixture maintenance, refurbishment of old parts and cleaning parts painted in error or coated incorrectly.

paint stripping

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